Sunday, February 10, 2013

Early Valentine's Day

Jeremy and I thought it would be a better idea to go on a Valentine's Day date today instead of on Thursday to avoid the crowds.

We had a relaxing morning at home, to start. Jeremy gave me a set of Ninja Turtles Legos yesterday as an early gift, so I spent a couple of hours putting this together:

It's pretty cool how detailed the scene actually is. The sewer grate at the top opens with that wheel, there's a lever on the back that makes the back wall "explode," and there are several things you can hook the Ninja Turtles to to make them do tricks. There is "ooze" all over the set in the form of neon green pieces, a working pizza oven, and the drawers on the tool chest actually open and close. Lego sets are like 3D puzzles. It was really fun and incredibly relaxing to put together.

This afternoon we headed into Boulder and did some window shopping on the Pearl Street Mall. Jeremy convinced me to buy these from Earthwood Gallery:

And I blame him for my new owl hat too:

There's a new candy shop on Pearl Street called Rocket Fizz, and we spent a good half hour in there laughing at all the hilarious novelty candy and gag gifts. They have an entire wall of saltwater taffy, so we picked out about 25 flavors to take home and try. We almost brought home Black Widow, too:

We rounded out our date with dinner at Trattoria. The food was unbelievably good -- and the waiter was unbelievably bad.

And we got home just in time to watch the new episode of Walking Dead. All in all, a pretty successful day.

Admittedly, I got sad a few times, remembering our last Valentine's Day with Scarlett. But we're getting better at distracting ourselves on holidays. Jeremy and I know how to laugh together, and I think laughter is a great healing balm for our wounds.

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